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About us

PalmPixels is a boutique web development team that can build and design your website. With so many choices for consumers on the internet, we want to help local businesses showcase their unique value in the digital space. We can help you tell your company's story through personalized design, business-based web solutions, and engaging language that welcomes customers to your door.

What we do

Our web services help you craft a unique digitial portal to reach customers on any device

Web development

From blogs, to archives, to e-commerce, we build reliable websites that reflect your company's professionalism

Digital design

Shape your digital space with logos, customized illustrations, and a personal design that brands your unique story

Copy work

Opt for engaging language with our copy services to reach the most clients and establish your company's credibility


For whatever your business needs, our projects create meaningful digital experiences for you and your clientele. Below are some examples of our work for local businesses, highlighting each organization's character within the community.

Palm Springs Architecture

This project celebrates the unique aesthetic of Palm Springs architecture. The page highlights the local flavor of modernism in a way that is visually appealing to a contemporary audience. This website advertises not only the city's history, but also local organizations and publications that keep the town's story alive.

How We Work

Our process is made up of six steps to ensure quality and efficient work, every step of the way



In this phase, we work with you to understand your needs, wants, and objectives for your website. This allows us to plan a complete project up front and work most efficiently.



We then present you with a prototype design based on earlier discussions to solidify your requirements and discover if any additional changes need to be made.



We begin building your site, performing regular functional tests and adhering to the technical and design specifications laid out in the planning phase.


Test & Train

We perform thorough testing on all sites and apps prior to final launch. We can also train your staff, so that they can easily make minor adjustments to your site.



PalmPixels team provides full monitoring and support during the launch period. We stand ready to make sure that your launch is successful.



After the launch, you may still require a technical partner to support ongoing needs. We offer a variety of services for tech maintenance, including monthly monitoring.


In this space, we delve into topics such as the impact of a website, the use of digital tools in tourist towns, and more!

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Why you need a website

In a time when more industries have migrated online, it’s important for small businesses to have an engaging digital presence.